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Classic Tractor 3D: Milk


Welcome to Classic Tractor 3D: Milk!In this Milk edition of Classic Tractor 3D you'll learn how to transport milk with a classic tractor. Driving with a classic tractor is not always easy, it's for example not as comfortable as a modern tractor. In this Milk edition you'll experience all sort of situations, which you could expect when you transport milk with a tractor. You have to drive forward through tiny situations, or drive reverse into a parking spot for example. To finish a level you first have to attach the milk trailer, to do that follow the red arrows. After you've attached the milk trailer you have to drive your milk trailer and tractor into the yellow parking spot, to do that follow the yellow arrows.Classic Tractor 3D: Milk features:- Farm environment- Inside view- Google Play Games- 15 levels- Easy driving controls
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